How does a day with Ulla look like?

Ulla sits on your water bottle at your desk. When you come to your desk in the morning, Ulla’s vibration sensor detects your proximity. Ulla immediately starts blinking to remind you to refill your bottle with fresh water and drink.

After 30 to 40 minutes, Ulla starts blinking again to remind you that it’s time to drink water again. 
Its blinking pattern stimulates your peripheral sight and makes it easy to notice, even if it is not right in front of you.
With its integrated drinking detection algorithm, Ulla knows when you drink from your bottle. It only reminds you when you need reminding. 
If you pick up your glass or bottle and drink during the hydration cycle (30­-40 min), Ulla's tilt sensor will recognize that and only remind you when it’s been more than 30­-40 minutes since your last drink.
Every time you drink from your glass or bottle Ulla blinks once as a confirmation. Think of it as saying: “Good job!” :)
When you leave the office and there is no movement in the room, Ulla automatically turns off after 2 hydration cycles to save battery.
When it’s completely dark, Ulla doesn’t blink even if movement is detected.

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