Is my Ulla working properly?

Below is a quick guide on how it should work; so you tell us!

  • Ulla blinks once slowly when its sensor detects bottle motion (i.e. when you pick up your bottle or glass to drink).
  • Ulla keeps blinking for one minute to remind you that it’s been more than 30-­40 minutes since you last had water.
  • Ulla turns on and starts blinking immediately when your presence is detected (vibration sensor).
  • Ulla turns off when there’s no light in the room to save battery at night. It also turns off after you’ve missed 2 hydration cycles.
  • Ulla knows when you had your last drink from the bottle. It will ONLY remind you to hydrate if you haven’t picked up your bottle or glass for longer than 30­-40 minutes.

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